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You, preparing to go die.

Combat in warfare behaves about like normal SS13 combat, with a few added things. To help new people get into it as smoothly as possible, here's a little guide to getting started:

Before You Start

For the optimal experience in warfare, go to your preferences tab in the tabs at the top right, and enable Map Text and Floating Chat.

Bodily Functions

  1. Most of the rooms in the base you spawn will have crates with canned food. To open the cans of food, use a combat knife on them; your combat boots (if you spawn with them) have a knife that you can take out and put back by clicking on the boots.
  2. You have a canteen on your neck slot that you can drink from, it can be helpful to do this before heading out. It can take several sips to replenish your water meter, though drinking also apparently recovers combat stamina. You can refill the canteen at sinks, water tanks, and at water turfs.
  3. It can be helpful to use the restroom before heading out. Find a toilet, click on it to toggle the lid up, stand over it with or without taking your clothes off, and go to the Emotes tab in the top-right and click Pee and Poo until you can't. You can also do this without a toilet by taking your internal clothes off first.

Getting Started Killing

From left to right, Combat Mode, Intent Selector, Melee Intents
  1. Hotkey mode is on by default, so no need to press tab to switch to it.
  2. Grab your weapon off your back. In hotkey mode you can hit "E" to equip and unequip it quickly.
  3. Right click on it, or press Shift+Z in hotkey mode when it's in your active hand to toggle the safety off.
  4. Enable combat mode either by pressing the button on the UI, or hitting "C" in hotkey mode.
  5. Wield your weapon in both hands, by either clicking on the "wield" button on the UI, or by hitting Shift+X in hotkey mode. You must have two free hands to do this. If your arms or hands are broken, you will be unable to wield your weapon.
  6. Finally you should be all set to kill the enemy.

Some Combat Notes

  • All guns have condition. Shift click on your gun to see the condition it's in. Guns with lower condition will jam more than ones with higher condition.
  • If your gun jams, right click on it when it's in your active hand, or hit Shift+Z to unjam it.
  • Fully automatic guns wear out faster, as they fire faster, and are more likely to break down.
  • If your gun is in bad condition, it might be wise to see if an engineer can come over and fix it for you. You can try repairing your gun by ALT CLICKING on it when it's in your active hand. Engineers are much more effective at fixing guns than grunts are.
  • IF YOU ARE NOT IN ACTIVE COMBAT, IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO TO TURN OFF COMBAT MODE! Combat mode slowly drains stamina. If you want to be extra cautious you can turn safety back on, on your gun. Guns are very crudely made and can go off when dropped sometimes.

What About Melee Combat?

  1. Grab your melee weapon of choice.
  2. Turn on combat mode.
  3. Choose between dodge or parry mode. Parry mode is useful if you have a weapon to parry with, such as a sword or club. Dodge mode is useful if you have good DX and don't have something to parry with.
  4. Click on the bad guy.
  • Remember that melee skill effects how likely you are to hit the other person, and not crit fail your swing.
  • Also ST effects how hard you hit in combat. If you have low ST, it might be a good idea to use a gun instead of a club.

Other Melee Fun

The melee intents.

Optionally you can select a combat intent at the bottom right, and right mouse click on your enemy with combat mode on to perform a special attack. The different combat intents are:

  • Aimed: Hit more accurately in melee at the cost of more stamina.
  • Strong: Hit harder in melee at the cost of more stamina.
  • Furious: Attack faster, can be deadly when used with a quick weapon like the knife.
  • Defense: Passively buffs defensive actions like dodging and parrying, at the cost of less direct damage when you do attack.
  • Guard: Automatically riposte upon a successful parry, at the cost of doing less direct damage.
  • Dual: Attack with your offhand by right clicking at the cost of accuracy.
  • Feint: Pretty much useless at the moment. Perform feint attacks to temporarily block an opponent from attacking, just long enough for you to hit them.
  • Weak: Do the least amount of damage possible per attack. Useful for knocking out teeth without gibbing the head.


Trenches are now a big part of the game, and you can read a more in depth guide about them on their respective page here. If you're just starting out all you need to know about trenches is you

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