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The Men of Battle

Role Slots Description Notes
Command.png Command - The men in charge of this shitshow. Blame them when the whole thing fails.


1 The Captain is the man who is supposedly in command of his team's side of the battle. A high ranking nobleman who through money or through power, managed to land the rather safe position as commander as far away from the frontlines as you can be in this time of total war. The captain is the only man with the artillery password. Check your notes in the IC tab to see what it is, and remember to TRY NOT TO LEAVE YOUR FUCKING TRENCHES UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! IF YOU DIE YOUR MEN WILL BE VERY UPSET!

Squad Leader

3 The man supposedly in charge of his squad. In reality his men will ignore him and he will probably die alone on the battlefield. You have an Oorah command that boosts morale, use it when times are tough to give your men a boost in their spirits!
Redhelm.png The Grunts - The men out on the front, losing their lives in combat by the second.


Infinite Your average grunt. He spawns with the default rifle that is given to every man, with the job to die, but hopefully take out as many of the enemy as he can in the process. He is the backbone of army, with his only real skill being with the gun that he shoots. As a soldier you don't need to worry about much else other than following orders, and shooting bad guys. This is an easy role for beginners.


Infinite Probably the most useful man on the battlefield, he comes equipped with an Shotgun, shovel, and a trusty pair of wirecutters. He can dig trenches, disarm mines, and die when his shotgun jams in the middle of a firefight. DO NOT TRY TO DISARM A LANDMINE IF YOUR MOOD IS LOW! YOU WILL BLOW YOURSELF UP!


2 The marksman who paid attention to sharp shooting when he was in military training. Comes equipped with the powerful PTSD Sniper Rifle and the skill to use it. Your rifle is useful for more than just shooting, it can work very well as a pair of binoculars to provide overwatch on far away enemy locations. Do not throw your rifle out when it runs out of ammo.


Removed This class was removed from the game recently. He had a set of heavy armor, a trenchaxe, and a (also removed) LMG, that made it hell to push up or kill him at all. Useless tip in case he ever comes back: While your armor is tough, you are not invincible, do not run head on into enemy fire and expect to live. Instead use your tougher armor as crutch for when your position gets overrun.

Flame Trooper

0 The pyromaniac of the unit, he comes equipped with a flame thrower (obviously) and fireproof armor. He is useful for clearing out trenches and not much else. It is not recommended normal soldiers try to use his flamer, they will catch themselves on fire. THIS UNIT MUST BE BOUGHT FROM CARGO!
Medic.png Support - Those who are made to assist, not to fight.


Infinite Master of frontline medicine, the medic comes equipped with a semi automatic rifle and a big toolbelt full of medical supplies. While he's not expected to save everyone, he is expected to at least try, and is vital for keeping the backline of injured soldiers fixed up and ready to be sent to the front again. Remember to prioritize your patients and work on keeping them stable. If there is a dying man and an injured man, treat the dying man first, then the injured man. Make sure to pick a safe place to do your healing, as both you and your patient are vulnerable in this instance. It is easy to become overwhelmed as the number of injured pile up, try to stay focused, and do not let the screams of the barely wounded drown out the silence of those who are half dead.


Infinite The dedicated surgeon of the unit. They may have a scary mask, but they are they are probably your best chance for a full recovery, since they are stationed far away from the frontlines in your team's home base trenches. Practitioners cannot leave the trenches. Sometimes it can be boring to be practitioner if your side is winning, but don't worry, there will always be Scavs about to mess with.


Infinite Merely a child, conscripted into the war during desperate times. They start out with binoculars, landmine immunity, and the ability to strip corpses much faster than the adults around you. Use your superior sightlines to scout ahead for danger and strip bodies for supplies for your brothers in arms. While you can use guns, you cannot use grenades, and your aim with guns is beyond horrible. Stay away from enemies at all costs if you wish to survive.

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