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Command.png Cpt.png
Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Easy to play, hard to master.
Supervisors: No one. You're the top dog.
Duties: Organize the killing of the me the opposite color of you.
Guides: Getting Started
Quote: "Hmmm, today I shall wander into no man's land..."
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

Commanding Private Guy Sitting

Captain is probably the absolute easiest role for people who are terrible at the combat in this game. Captain has absolutely no combat duties, and rushing out on the front is likely to get you scolded by your men for endangering yourself. That's not to say your job is all standing around doing nothing. You're the only one with access to player called artillery, and without it, it can be very difficult for your men to penetrate enemy lines.

So I Suck at combat but like to spam all caps

How Cap players wish they looked

Well then Captain is the role for you! Captain can indeed shoot but has absolutely no place in combat. When you die as Captain your entire team takes a heavy stress penalty, avoid the battle! Instead, lead from the back! Spam orders to your little toy soldiers and watch them annihilate the enemy from your comfy seat in front of the cargo computer. Spam comms and demand more of your child slaves, I mean, scavengers... Demand they bring back as many teeth and helmets as their little hands can carry, reward them with cigarettes and hugs from their new father. Deny or accept as many requests as your soldiers have of the great cargo war god. Good tools for early game are gas masks and shovels as they will allow you to more quickly expand your trench and save your soldiers from turning into goo.

How Cap players really look

Now as the Captain you are, for some reason, in charge. You should use your comms and order function to give commands and the retreat function for when you have too many wanna-be rambos. Make sure to constantly spam updates and cheerful messages as morale is very important. Talk with your frontline soldiers and find out what they need, is it mortars, shovels, new weapons, ammo? Ask the prac is he needs any new meds and keep in constant contact with your engineers. If you actually work with and pay attention to your various support staff and soldiers, you have a much better chance of winning and getting them to actually do what you say. Become the God of the trench, bestowing weapons of mass gibbing upon your faithful.


To call in artillery, go to the cargo computer, and select option 5. It will ask you for the password, which can be found in the IC panel under notes. Once entered, it will ask you where you'd like to drop the barrage in x and y coords. These do not change, and it is a good idea to memorize where certain locations are. For instance, if you enter non usable coords, the default coords it reads back to you as an example are the coords to strike mid. You should learn as soon as possible the coords for red side, mid and blue side if you wish to be effective with artillery.

Make sure to abuse the order function and promise medals for whichever brave soldier or child can get you the best coordinates for artillery. A good arty strike can change the course of a battle or be the coup de grâce your team needs to win!

A successful arty strike