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Chemistry in Reborn is not dissimilar from chemistry in other HRP servers.

Be aware that you don't have a method of removing chemicals from other chemicals. Precision is important. If you've left in a dangerous chemical, perhaps you can make it safe by converting it into a 'helpful' drug? Some chemists might find it important to be precise but who's really going to notice if their Victorosonide isn't pure? Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise. Leftover chemicals/medicines can be beneficial.

As a Chemist, it's always a good idea to prepare things you know the clinic will need ahead of time. For example, every patient that leaves the clinic alive is leaving with a Morphine addiction. There's always profit to be made from selling Morphine pills.

Not every chemical is listed below. Some require specialised equipment, others can be found through exploration.

Basic Chemicals

The chemicals listed below have notable characteristics. This list is not exhaustive.

Chemical Description


A strong solvent, great for erasing ink off of pages. Highly toxic to ingest.

Carbon Dust

Carbon, when ingested, is very good at taking substances out of the body.




A metal which helps encourage the body to replenish blood, when ingested.


Works as a basic antidepressant.


A toxic metal with a variety of uses. Causes brain damage in humans.


A chemical energy source for humans. Sugar helps restore satiety.


(C) denotes a catalyst (not consumed in the reaction).

Drug Ingredients Description


Equal Parts: Acetone, Carbon, Sugar A general purpose cardioregulator, used to correct arrhythmia and promote cardiovascular health.


Equal Parts: Varibulin, Silicon, Blood Proplaten is a semi-synthetic antifibrinolytic, typically used to seal and repair wounds sustained in combat. Significantly speeds up metabolism, making patients hungry.


Equal Parts: Potassium, Carbon, Sodium An EXTREMELY diuretic general purpose antitoxin used to purge toxins building up in organs. Kitchens in noble manors are often ordered to fortify food with Occidevene.


Equal Parts: Silicon, Carbon, Sugar Related to Coprotone, Varibulin is a solution used to encourage the repair of completely dead skin, typically that which has been burnt.


Equal Parts: Proplaten, Varibulin, Penicillin Victorosonide is a generalised recovery agent. Seals wounds and heals damaged muscle, although not as fast as specialised medicines.


Equal Parts: corprotone, tramadol, phrenestrine An extremely strong cardiostimulant, typically reserved for desperate circumstances. Expensive and in limited supply.


2 parts Flour & Sugar, 1 part Potassium An ancient antibiotic, discovered by ancient Redistani baker-surgeons looking for an alternative to honey. Distantly related to the Scrungus.


Equal Parts: Sugar, Mercury, Occidevene, Water Captosartan is a nervous system stimulant intended to lessen the effects of paralysis and/or hallucination. Does not agree with the human body. Medicate cautiously.


Equal Parts: Hydrochloric Acid, Ammonia, Captosartan Phrenestrine is a powerful psychostimulant used in the treatment of damage to neurological tissue. Known to cause tumours in the genetically inclined.


Equal Parts: Ethanol, Occidevene, Hydrochloric Acid A sterilising compound. Apply topically to wounds and/or working surfaces. Breaks down human blood. Do not administer internally. The only treatment for Haemaproxen poisoning is an IV transfusion.


Equal Parts: Proplaten, Victorosonide, 5u Acetic Anhydride (C) Marustatin is an experimental nerve and tissue repair agent. Known to disagree with neurological tissue. Administer with caution.


Equal Parts: Super-Methamphetamine, Lithium, Sulfur, Ethanol Pronounced 'mak-een', this muscle stimulant is extremely effective, although highly addictive and has been known to cause instantaneous heart failure in Redistani athletes.


Equal Parts: Victorosonide, Carbon, Occidevene Specially formulated to encourage the repair of ocular cells. Administer via eye drop.


Equal Parts: Silicon, Copper, 5u Acetic Anhydride (C) Sulmetin is an anti-pyretic, used to stabilise a patient's body temperature.


Equal Parts: Paracetamol, Carbon, Penicillin Cough syrup. Used to treat sore throats.


3 parts Soporific, 1 part Sugar, 1 part Iron A syrupy depressant compound. Originally designed to treat hyperactivity or general annoyingness in children.


Equal Parts: Sugar, Lithium, Water A non-opioid anti-inflammatory. Typically used for minor pain or swelling, such as headaches.


Equal Parts: Ethanol, Iron, Pythia Paste An opioid painkiller. Not as strong or addictive as morphine.


Read a book THE painkiller. Derived from Pythia mushrooms. Highly effective and highly addictive.


Equal Parts: Morphine, Hydrazine, Potassium Not as strong as Morphine, but the slow release time makes it effective for chronic or long lasting pain.


Equal Parts: Ethanol, Hydrocodone, 5u Acetic Anhydride (C) One of the strongest painkillers around. Extremely addictive. Best administered in low dosages.


Inside Tobacco Nature's second answer to life's problems after fermentation, although the tobacco lobby wouldn't want you putting them second. Lung cancer is a myth.


1 parts Nicotine, 2 parts Lithium Also known as Nevasad. An ancient anti-depressant, with sometimes minor side effects. Do not consume alcohol while under the effects of Nevasad.


Equal Parts: N-Joy, Lithium, Ethanol An experimental anti-depressant. The company who invented it abandoned the patent for one reason or another.


Equal Parts: Mercury, Hapiferva A potent anti-psychotic formerly sold under the brand name Settledon. A known treatment to Orphanage Syndrome and General Annoyingness. Focuses the mind, but known to cause issues with dependence.


Equal Parts: Mercury, Sugar, Lithium Less a mental health drug and more just a mental drug. A fairly low tier hallucinogenic. Legal in some places, contraband in others. Notable for being easy to make and extremely cheap, but quite harsh on the kidneys and brain.


Equal Parts: Hydrazine, Joy, Occidevene A 'powerful' hallucinogenic, typically used as an ingredient in stronger hallucinogens.


??? A 'therapeutic' version of the extremely illegal Super-Methamphetamine plaguing the nation. Rumored to help focus the mind.


Imported A complex anti-psychotic purported to lessen Separatist sympathies and treat cases of BLS and/or Blueitis, from your friends at Rx Pharmaceuticals.

Liquid Soap

Equal Parts: Water, Ammonia, Ethanol Fast acting ultra-caustic pre-foamed spray-soap. It cleans things.


2 parts Ethanol, 1 part water, 1 part sulphuric acid Wood alcohol. Very bad for the human body.


Methanol, 5u Silver (C) OR Methanol, 5u Water/Iron each (C) Highly toxic. Mostly used for preserving tissue specimens and in the production of pressed-wood goods.

Acetic Anhydride

Equal Parts: Methanol, Carbon, Water A catalyst with a variety of uses. Somewhat controlled due to its association with the production of illicit chemicals. Quite toxic. Neutralised by water, so be very careful with your measurements.


1 part Chloral Hydrate, 4 parts Sugar A strong sedative and general anesthetic.

Chloral Hydrate

1 part Ethanol, 3 parts Hydrochloric Acid, 1 part Water An extremely strong sedative.


2 parts Hydrazine, 2 parts Carbon, 2 parts Aluminum A chemical which makes blood appear under UV light. Questionably legal, questionably useful.

Sodium Chloride

Equal Parts: Sodium, Hydrochloric Acid Table salt. Delicious. Millions have died in the conquest of salt.


Natural A refined form of Pythian Powder.

Pythian Powder

Natural A powder found in Pythia mushrooms. A decent enough painkiller in its unrefined form, although quite addictive. Best administered through inhalation.

Pythia Paste

Equal Parts: Pythian Powder, Acetone A toxic paste made while refining Opiates from Pythia mushrooms.

An Aside

As you may well be aware, vitamins have long been considered a myth by modern science. This is complimented by the ubiquity of Redistani medicine simply superseding any bullshit Blusnian science supporting the existence of vitamins. Of course, only Nobility have the time to care about their physical health in such a manner, but many see many commonly available drugs as 'essentials' and seek out supplements for what they consider 'Essentials'.

Did you get your Essential O today?