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A Peacekeeper, by Redsting

Well I guard the world and it's plain to see
I'll look after you after looking after me
Of peace and safety I'll make sure
At least until someone offers me more

The Peace Corps is one of four military branches in Redistan, accompanied by the Navy, the Border Watch and the Red Guard. Founded in '05BBC, the Peace Corps absorbed the Redcoat Army after the defeat of Blusnia and quickly became the largest collective military force on the planet. Officially 'keeping the peace', the Peace Corps are responsible for the safety and security of Redistani civilisation, no matter how violent said peacekeeping may be.

A volunteer force since its founding, the violence seen in Redlin and the developing trouble in Redbourne have the Corps' leaders questioning on whether or not conscription might be the panacea to the Separatist cancer developing throughout the nation. As of 040PGT, the Peace Corps sees most of its manpower and resources sent straight to Redbourne, where sporadic street firefights and terrorist attacks threaten to send yet another city into anarchy. Late 041PGT saw the Spaghetti Service Act (named for famed Post-Italian/Redbournian militiaman Benny Spaghetti, RIP 013-041PGT) signed into Redistani law, wherein Italians were permitted to serve in the Peace Corps, where they once hadn't been.

Provided you can pass the examinations, they'll let just about anyone in. There's only one restrictions. No invalids. Any sort of prosthetic is an instant disqualification. If you lose something in the course of duty it's a free discharge.


As a Peacekeeper Private, you are a volunteer, but being a volunteer does not mean you want to be here. There's plenty of reasons for signing up. Perhaps your family pressured you towards it. Maybe you thought it was a way to see the nation. Perhaps you truly love your country and feel a need to do your part. Or maybe you just had nowhere else to go. Regardless of why you're here, the truth is simple. It's a shithole. A backwater. A tiny, economically destitute shitheap of a town is not when you envisioned when your training was spent shooting cutouts of Separatists with baby-handgrenade vests from a recreated street. You haven't seen Lieutenant Stifflip in what feels like a year, being responsible for about 8 squads in shithole backwaters just like yours. If you're anything like your Sergeant, perhaps the isolation, inaction and lack of oversight is a blessing in disguise.

All of the good equipment you'd typically have has been sent forward to the front. Now you're left with 50 year old surplus. You can be certain a proud Redistani once died in the very uniform you're wearing.

Typically, your detachment will find itself split in three. The Sergeant typically alone, two Privates in a 'squad' and a Private and a Cadet in another.

Head Peacekeeper

Simply a Sergeant, you've absolutely let the power go to your head in the Lieutenant's absence. You're out of uniform, you're out of line and quite frankly, you're out of shits to give. Your squad may be small, but it's damn strong if you know how to encourage it. Never forget that your men would go to any length for a promotion from you (in the IC tab). You can also demote people in this manner, to a probationary rank. If necessary, you do hold the authority to temporary suspend (not discharge) someone until they can face tribunal at a Peace Corps station. Just make sure to confiscate their equipment, including their uniform, before you send them out.


As a child, you're in the Peace Corps for one of two reasons. The director at the orphanage didn't like you and/or you signed on at the behest/recommendation of your parents. As with all Peacekeepers, you get a stipend from the Peace Corps each week for your service, albeit a lot smaller. If you've got parents, it goes straight to them. If not, it goes straight to your commanding officer. As the future of Redistan, your commanding officer bears the burden of making terrible decisions with your money for you. Be sure to stick with an adult.


On probation for doing something really fucking stupid, you've been locked outside of the bunker until you prove you can be trusted inside again. You still answer to the Sergeant, but don't expect any sympathy from your comrades. You can't ditch town because the Sergeant's got your paperwork. Keep your fellow fuckup close, as nothing'll keep you better protected out in the slums than a partner.