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A Peacekeeper on Patrol, by Zion

Redistan, my Beloved

Interstation 12: Reborn is the roleplay focused IS12 codebase, with a noir black comedy atmosphere. Set in a Redistani bunker decades after the 'eternal' Redistani-Blusnian war ended, Reborn focuses more on player agency to develop the world and characterization rather than strictly sticking to 50000 word lore articles. That being said, thanks to the two years of development, it can make it a little daunting to jump in as a new player. Click here for a comprehensive document detailing what you should already know as a proud Redistani.

Proud Redistanis

Role Slots Description Notes
Overseer map.png Redclifeans - Roles exclusive to the Redscliff/Redscliffe/Redcliffe/Redcliff Disputed zone, a historically contentious minor Redbourne suburb along the eastern stretches of the Genocide-Redbourne Gardens train line.

The Overseer

1 Once a shifty accountant with a reputation for embezzling, The Overseer is now an reclusive and enigmatic but ever present force throughout the historic city of Redscliff. It is rumoured that he is the fattest man to have ever existed. The Overseer is COMPLETELY IMMOBILE. He relies on his goons and his cameras to see and achieve things throughout the bunker. Double-crossing him is a bad idea, considering that he likely has bluemail on you.

The Underlooker

1 You're the favourite possession of the Overseer. Supposedly. You love nothing more than to lick your lollipop. Anyone who tries to take it away from you has made an enemy for life.

The Henchmen

4 You're one of the Overseer's loyal goons, tasked with acting as his hands throughout the city. Twisting arms, planting bugs, trailing people and beating those too stupid to listen to instructions will occupy most of your shifts. Travel in groups. Four arms is always stronger than two.

The Fuckoff Boys

3 + Leader Redcliff's local gang. At best, a nuisance. At worst, a threat. I don't like telling my boys to fuck off. They don't deserve that.
Portzee.png Portzeeans - Roles exclusive to the Trade Municipality of Portzee, the dying port town nestled in the Greater Redbourne Coast.


1 Obsessed with old world militaria, the Commandant of Portzee demands nothing more than respect and for the masses to finance his lifestyle. It might not be a real title, but you'd do wise not to bring that up to him. As Commandant, your underlings will manage most tasks for you. Adjust the tax rate as you see fit, make pointless announcements and perform corrections where needed, otherwise your time is yours to torture enlighten your citizens.


1 You're the Commandant's dear partner. Throw your gule-ness around, you've earned it. You have as much authority as the Commandant, given you're not going against them. The filthy poors might not like to listen to you, getting a Peacekeeper's truncheon to the face is a quick fix.


2 You're one of the Commandant and Consort's pride and joy. You're a spoiled brat with far too much power, although you're a weak child with little ability to exercise it. Try to abuse your parents goodwill to get what you want. They have plenty to share.

Stabb Alley Gang

3 + Leader You inhabit the wretched Stabb Alley, named after C. Stabb, inventor of the dual-tipped knife. The Italians are too high brow for you and your buddies. You prefer the simple stickup to the shakedown. The leader is not a wildcard. The grunts are. Power in numbers, make sure you stick together. One ganger isn't a threat. Three is.
Avodant.png The Gatewatch - Good morning inspector. Refuse all Italians entry. Glory to Redistan.


1 A Bureaucrat from back West, sent to this backwater to assure it doesn't become a den of separatists, occasionally reporting back to senior Advocatii in THE CAPITAL. The Redistani Civil War makes mistakes unacceptable. Do not be afraid to be cruel. Glory to Redistan. You have the same amount of authority as the Commandant, although only within the confines of the gate and your men. Do not be afraid to challenge his orders if they are unreasonable, and make your men hold steadfast.


1 Giddy volunteers to the A.A.M., encouraged to keep their full attention through the retroactive punishment of their family. Some inspectors are in it for the Patriotism of keeping their country safe from those disgusting Separatists. Others just like to see the look on a child's face as they bar them from getting medical attention inside the bunker. Glory to Redistan. Your Advocatus is likely unhappy over their assignment to such a small settlement. Corruption is widespread this far East for a reason. Use that to your advantage.


2 A grunt of the Gatewatch. Although you may often be made to keep in shape with drills or mop up the floors around the checkpoint, you have plenty of downtime too. If only you got a comfy chair to sit in as well... Abandoning your post is liable to get you discharged. Be sure to remind the line with the megaphones what restrictions are in place.
Pkudant.png The Peacekeepers - KEEP THE PEACE, DAMNIT!!!

Head Peacekeeper

1 A sergeant, with a small squad of disorganised but (usually) loyal troops at your disposal. Coordinate your Cadets and Peacekeepers well. Your equipment may be outdated, but it is plentiful. A weak sargeant makes for a weak squad. Your only goal is to KEEP THE PEACE. Your Peacekeepers shouldn't be starting fights in the slums. Don't be afraid to discipline them when they do something stupid.


4 You might be schlubby, you might be unfit, but you're here and that's all that really counts. Your main jobs are going to be pest control and abusing what little power you have. You can always make up any charge you like, it's not like whoever you're accusing has a book of laws. Maybe if you suck up enough, the Head Peacekeeper will bother with outfitting you with some nicer gear or perhaps you'll even get that promotion you've been pining for. Make sure to follow his words to a T. Be glad you're not back West, fighting Separatists on the front lines.


1 Merely a child, your tendency to bully others and throw your weight around made you a prime pick for the Peace Corps. You might not be on the front lines, but you're sure to make your country and parents proud. While you're more proficient with weapons than most children, you are still rather weak. You make for a strong scout, as well as a keen accompaniment to adult peacekeepers. They're sure to teach you well if you ask.


2 You've copped slum duty after fucking up bad and now you have to maintain order in what you're pretty sure is a literal cess pit. Make sure Mr. Redz is happy with the security of his factory, he's sure to hand you a little bonus if you do a good job. Power in numbers. Just having your partner nearby is likely to scare most opportunists off.
Scrungtitioner.png The Practitioners - Let's go practice medicine.

Head Practitioner

1 The head honcho. You have the longest beak, so you are in charge. You might not have ever actually seen a bird, but you know how to lead your flock to glory. Remember, if the power goes out, it's not just the Undertaker they're going to blame. Always assume your underlings are incompetent. Demonstrate to them the art of practicing medicine.


3 One of the Head Practitioner's flock. Your beak size may vary, but it'll never be bigger than the Head's. You're so dedicated to the art of practicing medicine that you voluntarily had your garments stitched into your skin. Best take a shower before heading out of the clinic. Absolutely no beakfighting allowed in the clinic. Try to remember your schooling.


2 You're a young apprentice to the Birdmen, freshly sent from one of the western Academies. Yet to get a worthy beak of your own, it's up to you to prove yourself and truly take in the words of your superiors. You'll get that beak yet, sonny. Schooling is all well and good, but it doesn't compare to practical experience. Do not be afraid to ask your superiors for help.


1 You're a contractor under the Birdmen, not as dedicated to medicine as they are. Too bad they stitched the clothing into your skin anyway. At least you'll be left alone most of the time. Chemists are most useful when they spend time making premixed chemical combinations or ship chemicals off to the C.C.M. for profit.
Scrungissary.png The Customary and Commercenary Ministry - Turn a profit, damn the expense!


1 The economic heart of the bunker, supposedly. You know what things are worth. Never pay full value, you have to turn a profit as well. Your men are loyal, as long as you pay them well. As long as there's a profit to be made, ANYTHING is justifiable to the C.C.M..

Crate Pusher

3 You push crates. You also break legs and kidnap people, if the Commissariat needs it done. Work hard. Set goals. Invest. C.C.M. mindset.

Cargo Kid

2 You're a young entrepreneur, starting that grind early. Your older colleagues are sure to have some tips for you. A great learning role with very little responsibility.
Redzgus.png The Factory - No union? No worries!

Mr. Redz

1 You're the fattest fuck in all of the bunker. You won ownership of a factory here in a backroom game and it's turning you a tidy profit. Your Foreman will typically have the factory under control, so feel free to go commiserate with your fellow fatass gules. Always have food at hand. It's always time for a Cheeseburger. NO ONE FUCKS WITH MR. REDZ.


1 You're Mr. Redz's trusted assistant. Do whatever he asks of you. This will typically be yelling at his workers to work harder. Mr. Redz has a lot of money and you work oh so hard for him. Perhaps a bonus is in order?

Factory Worker

6 You're true working class, real brown collar shit. Whittle down the hours until the whistle blows so you can get off shift and blow your meagre paycheck at the Italian's place on cigarettes and pasto. Keep a steady pace. Work too fast, you never know what might happen.

Child Worker

2 Workers are getting harder to come by in Redistan as more and more people are sent to the front during the Civil War. Thank GREAT LEADER child labour is encouraged for proper childhood development. Don't be afraid to ask for help. No one expects anything of you, you're a child!
Scrungchef.png The Civillians - What, no food?


1 Not quite experienced enough to be a proper chef, you at least know enough to run your own hash house. Cook whatever you like, just don't get too Italian with it, it doesn't mix well with the local palate. Don't give your child tap water. Food service has very thin margins. Mark up everything you can. The vending machines are far too expensive to be worth it.

Assistant Cook

1 You're the cook's apprentice. You're not going to do much cooking, but he should be able to teach you the art of crying in the walk-in between orders. Cooking is best for visual learners. Pay attention to what the cook does if you want to learn.


3 Sweep it up, janny. The bunker is filthy and you control the mops. A clean bunker is an orderly one. You're also responsible for keeping the place powered. Shove whatever you can get your mitts on into the incinerator. You have good justification for getting into other people's workplaces. Try not to have sticky fingers.


1 A private dick. This bunker is a festering pit of darkness and hyper realistic blood, angels weeping, dead inside, fucked up shit and thick skin. You get the idea. Try to offer your services, there's sure to be someone who has a case. When a bum sees a dick coming, he don't stick around.


1 Hair always grows. People always need haircuts. That's your specialty. This is a wildcard role. Make sure to take length into account. Haircuts only go one way.


1 You never could stand the atmosphere in the big city department stores. It might be a shithole, but there's enough money here to make a decent living making high-end clothing. This is a wildcard role. You can adjust people's suits and uniforms to fit them, as well as make new pieces of clothing on your sewing machine.


1 You bring some of that Spaghetto 'charm' to the bunker, running a Post-Italian Bottega, a general corner store selling a little bit of everything. You've got a price gun. It's convenient to label things ahead of time. Don't be afraid to mark up, convenience is worth a lot.


1 Formerly a prisoner from THE CAPITAL, you found your freedom in indentured servitude. Try to make something nice of it. Expect to cook a lot more in Redscliffe than Portzee. The Overseer has an appetite.
Scrungiminal.png The Underbelly - Woah mama mia cunt


1 The head of the local branch of Post-Italian troublemakers. You're here representing your Godfather back West in the Spaghetto. There's a multitude of ways to get things done down here, it's just a matter of picking which one. Pure violence is typically a poor choice for the mafia. Try to keep your exploits well thought out and executed. Do not play this role if you're bad at leading people.


4 Your standard Post-Italian grunt. Follow your Caporegime's orders, it's not like you have anywhere else to go. Post-Italians are naturally intimidating. Their patterns of speech strike fear into even the most stalwart Carnifexes. This is a Wildcard role. Talking will quickly give you away, but you can blend in fairly well if you keep quiet.


1 The Mafia's very own orphan to boss around. Although you're not Italian, they've accepted you as one of their own. You're not Italian, yet. People are far less suspicious of you.


1 Kicked out of the Practitioner's League for reasons that were NOT YOUR FAULT, you service the slums. There's a good living in being a mafia doctor. This is hardcore Practitioner. You will struggle for supplies. Practitioners who think they can come on your turf need to be taught a lesson.


1 Disgraced for your obsession with touching the dead and let go from a job you weren't really doing in the first place, you now find work operating a cannery out of the back of the pawn shop, having worked out a little deal with the kindly pawnbroker. Give anything you find to the pawnbroker. You only care about meat. Any meat'll do for your cans.


>20 A pool of special roles that you can't play by other means, ranging from Gulean tourists, lonesome Caveboy drifters and mercenaries to more in depth roles like barbers and haberdasherers. Most wildcard roles are not listed on this page. Follow your instincts and you will do well.