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IS12 is a heavily modified SS13 server originally based on Baystation but is now so far removed from BS12 that pretty much nothing on their wiki is relevant to the codebase anymore. As such this wiki was made specifically for housing information relevant to IS12. If you're brand new to SS13 in general you'd like to know how to play the base game, we suggest you go read some other guides. Though this wiki does serve as a basic repository of information, the changelogs, updates on the game, and general community are housed on the discord, which can be found here.


IS12 Reborn is a red-tinted neo-noir black comedy roleplaying game, inspired by the 1985 film Brazil. Set in a small Redistani town long after the events in Warfare (a total red victory), Reborn focuses on a darkly comedic premise played straight. You're in a nation that worships the colour red and nothing else, act like it!

Rounds typically consist of interfactional conflict/conspiracies, bureaucracy, classism and Italians. Glory to GREAT LEADER!

IS12 Warfare

IS12 Warfare varies between a vague a cold war-esque, and vague WW1 team deathmatch game with visual influences from Gone With The Blastwave. You are either on the red, or blue team, and your objective is to either deplete all the other sides reinforcements or take over their trenches and activate the point of no return. It plays a bit like how rush plays from the battlefield series. While it takes some visual influence from Gone With The Blastwave it is not related to it in any way. This is not a fan game. It does not take place in the same universe as the comic. It is not affiliated with the comic in any way.