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Squad Leader
Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Lead your squad to killing men of the opposite color of you.
Guides: Getting Started
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

Not just a soldier with a cooler gun

Sergeant is an elevated soldier, who is responsible for commanding his own squad while members of his squad are busy fighting and don't have time to say anything. Originally every combat role is assigned to a squad upon spawn and there are three of them (alpha, bravo and charlie), hence there are three open squad leader slots. Sergeant is armed with a semi-automatic rifle of the same calibre the Stormrider uses, and also has an ability to boost all nearby soldiers morale once in a while with their 'oor-rah' command.

Your original duty as a sergeant is to either lead your squad or to be a direct combat commander for every fighting soldier, or both. It depends on whether you're the only sergeant and actual engagement of other sergeants. Below we will outline how you can actually fulfill your duty and be a good sergeant.

Yelling at Pvt. Guy Sitting

Captain isn't usually present at the battlefield, but you are. Soldiers usually don't have time to say anything in the chat, but you do. Engineers don't know where to dig a trench, but you do. These things outline your primary duties. Even though you don't have an ability to give orders like the captain does, you still can do that through chat. Also captain will usually give general orders, what you should do is to actually execute his orders, hence give more little orders to your little soldiers.

Before the battle starts you should:

  • Consult with your captain about the role of your squad (probably won't happen.)
  • Check your subordinates, make sure that they're equipped properly.
  • Give initial orders which do not contradict the captain's orders. For example you can tell your men to follow you or to flank the middle bunker.

During the battle you should:

  • Stay alive as long as possible. Even though you have a good rifle the less you use it - the better, but don't be scared to if needed. Use your binoculars to observe the battlefield and tell your men what to do or warn them about the coming or flanking enemies.
  • Develop an actual battleplan. Think where a trench should be dug and how it should look. Share your thoughts with local engineers (pro-tip: they can't refuse). Maybe you might need a backup trench, a communication trench, a medical trench for wounded and medics? You name it. It's all about trenches by the way.
  • Make sure that your men are well supplied. Don't make your soldiers waste time going for ammo, food or whatever, they're busy fighting and they should stay busy fighting for as long as possible. Be sure to kick scavs around yourself, ammo crates wouldn't haul themselves at the end of the day. Don't forget about medics, sometimes they need a kick in the ass too!
  • Give orders through the team chat. If you notice that the enemy is weakened: tell them to attack. If you think it's better to fall back: tell them to fall back. It's really about what you think, it's your main duty, mainly because soldiers don't have time to.
  • Grab a compass to check coordinates and request artillery (useless if the cap isn't there.)
  • If you see a captain near the frontline be sure to click on him with a grab intent then press Z in hotkey mode two times and then throw him away in the direction of your HQ. Don't let him take your job! Also he should be very glad that you care about his life and well being.

If Pvt. Guy Sitting thinks he's smarter than you

  • Remind him that he should listen to you and there's no other way around it.
  • Don't die too early so he can die first. Make him feel stupid.
  • Slap him in the face. Don't hit too hard, he should be killed by the enemy, not by you! Also be sure to do it in front of your other subordinates.
  • Press F1 and let the admin know. Chain of command is at the core of this game and shouldn't be broken.