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Redhelm.png Engineer.png
Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Squad Leader and Captain
Duties: KILL THE ENEMY! Dig trenches and build defenses.
Guides: Getting Started & Trenches
Quote: "How do I repair someone's gun?"
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

Digging Cover For Private Guy Sitting

Shovel - As an engineer, your shovel is your life. Lose your shovel and you, as an engineer, are worth less than the dirt you would've been digging up with it.

The majority of the time you will be using the shovel for two purposes: digging trenches and adding dirt mounds to the edges of said trenches. Right click on a ground tile to dig a trench and left click to dig a mound. Putting mounds on the side of trenches helps soldiers hiding in them get shot less while letting them shoot over. More rarely, you will be using your life partner to fill in trenches (right click on a trench tile) or to dig up disarmed land mines (left click). In dire circumstances, it can even be used in lieu of a club.

Don't dig a straight line for trenches, not only is it easier to get sniped by also artillery can kill more people.

Wirecutters - The tool for all things sharp and/or explosive.

The wirecutters' primary uses are to disarm mines and cut through barbed wire. Mines can be disarmed simply by left clicking on them. This can even be done while someone is standing on one, as long as they do not step off of it while you are disarming it. While it is unlikely that the mine will detonate from being defused by an engineer, there is still a chance that it will trip itself in your face, mostly owing to poor moods and/or poor luck with RNG. Once a mine is disarmed, you can use a shovel on it to dig it up, in case you wanted to put a trench/dirt mound in its place.

Barbed wire is able to be cut through by even the knife in a grunt's boots. Doing this, however, is ill advised. Cutting barbed wire has a chance to tear open one of your arteries, which can only be fixed by using the one-use tourniquet found in an IFAK or finding a medic. Instead, the engineer can cut through it with their wirecutters, which lowers the chance of it opening arteries significantly.

Wirecutters are also useful for pulling pieces of shrapnel out of your/your teammate's body. Medics carry wirecutters for this exact reason. This process is quite painful and can make you pass out. It is still preferable to leaving the shrapnel in, which can lead to broken bones if not treated.

Barbed Wire - The premier tool for area denial.

A roll of barbed wire is found in your backpack, along with your IFAK, smoke grenade and metal barricades. Barbed wire looks scarier than it actually is and works best as a deterrent, best used to supplement other parts of your trench network, such as dirt mounds, corpses to catch shrapnel and adjustable metal barricades. Barbed wire is an effective way to keep an enemy soldier from going where you don't want them to. This includes placing it behind barricades that generate in the world to stop enemy soldiers from taking cover behind them, or inside your trench, to stop people from walking into the wrong part of it. It could even be used to create a chokepoint, if you had enough of it. More barbed wire can always be ordered and your fellow engineers might not even be using theirs. Ask for it if you want more for whatever reason.

'Tools' of the Trade

WTX Frontier Special - Mr. Warcrime Sr.

The Frontier is a tube fed pump action shotgun with a 5+1 capacity. Contrary to what most games would have you believe, it's quite effective at range, although it is even better up close in the trenches. The Frontier excels in dealing damage so tedious to fix that most medics would prefer to let the victim bleed out rather than remove their 15 pieces of shrapnel. Found commonly in both oldfare and coldfare.

MS Warcrime - Mr. Warcrime Jr.

A very rare spawn for the engineer, the Warcrime is a magazine fed fully automatic shotgun with a 6 round capacity. Having no need to pump the shotgun between rounds, it essentially acts as a faster firing version of the Frontier, which is why it is usually only seen in coldfare, where automatic guns are far more common.