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Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Pretty much everyone but especially the Captain
Duties: Collect teeth, enemy dog tags and enemy helmets.
Guides: Getting Started
Quote: "I will now smoke a cigarette because muh grimdark"
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

Stealing Teeth From Private Guy Sitting

Welcome to heck, kiddo.

You're a kid now, not a squid, but just as slippery.

How 2 be the best little Scav you can be

The role of a scavenger is to retrieve things like teeth, enemy dog tags, and enemy helmets, which you turn into the cargo computer at the back of your base for Cargo Points, which can be used to buy weapons, ammo, other supplies, or even classes like the Flamethrower and Sniper. Remember, you are pretty much the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to chain of command, so if you get ordered to do something, do it! Scavs are pretty much worthless in a fight, they can't hit shit with guns, they are weak as hell and their spaghetti arms can't even toss a grenade, try to avoid combat if possible.

But how do I get teef?

Teeth can be collected numerous ways, some more painful than others. The cleanest way to collect teeth is with wirecutters. You can steal a pair of these from the prac's collection of medic belts in the medbay (or you can ask him nicely). First, get the wirecutters in your hand, then target the mouth in the top right of your screen after selecting the head. Then all ya' gotta do is click on your victim and you will begin extracting teeth. This works on alive, dead, wounded, friendly or enemy units. Taking teeth causes a lot of pain and stress for your donor, however, it doesn't do much serious damage. Steal some morphine from the prac and try to persuade some soldiers to donate for the cause before the round starts.

You can also collect teeth in messier (and significantly faster) ways, you can toggle kick, hover over your target and press the middle-mouse button. This will collect teeth faster, but do a bunch more damage to your donor, save this for the enemy or the dead. You can also whack the mouth with whatever weapons you can find to extract teeth, again, faster, but will definitely harm them severely.

Always be hunting for teeth to turn in, good scavenging can swing a battle! Someone was a little too careless and fell down the steps? Looks like they wanted to donate some teeth to the cause! Just be sure you run away before they can catch you.

Getting da BIG points

While teeth are likely to be the most abundant resource you scavenge, enemy tags and helmets are worth more points than teef and should be prioritized in your backpack once the battle has begun. Make sure to sneak up behind the line and pick clean any enemies you find, they won't need the gear anyway. You can strip items by clicking on your target and dragging them to you where you can begin stuffing their helmet, tags and eventually teeth.

Winning the medal of honor/becoming the human beacon

While scavs are useless in a direct fight they can assist the battle in ways outside of just gathering. After a while of good scavenging, your team will have enough points for artillery which is devastating and can wipe out tens of enemies in one fell swoop. Only problem is, the Captain needs x,y coordinates to call it in. This is where you and your compass come in. Compass in hand, you can rush the enemy line, sneaking, crawling, bobbing and weaving through bullets until you reach a suitable point. Click on your compass to confirm your coordinates and relay to the captain, you can then either try to haul ass or accept your fate along with the love, adoration and respect of your captain,

Boy all this scavenging is really stressing me out, man!

As a scavenger, you will partake in some stressful activities. Luckily, you're nearly 8 now and that means you're old enough to start chain smoking. I highly advise you keep a lit cigarette in your mouth at all times to fight off the shakes. Eating and drinking is also important, don't forget to use the bathroom after. Nothing stresses you out quite like shitting yourself.