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Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Squad Leader and Captain
Duties: Kill the men of the opposite color than you, cover your soft fleshy teammates.
Guides: Getting Started
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

You And Your Armor

At first glance the sentry is little more than a very big grunt, with a very big gun and some hefty armor, unlike the grunt, you are slow, highly visible, tough as balls and on everyone's kill list

The sentry is as the name implies, a mostly defensive/slow advancing role, you are not meant to charge head first into combat, instead, you use cover and teammates to stay alive, while laying down suppressing fire using a machine-gun held together with duct tape.

Your primary focus is not taking bullets, while the armor is thick, bullets still hurt, alot, but making sure the enemy cant advance without at least trying to kill you in the process.

Mowing Down Private Guy Sitting

While you charging the enemy head on is a bad idea, its a good idea to force the enemy to charge You head-on, using your MGs huge mags, fire rate and large caliber to mow down any would-be trench raiders, to accomplish this you should stick with your team and avoid going Rambo.

  • Engineers can help dig trenches, lay barbed wire, disarm mines and repair your gun, all perfect for digging in and creating choke points, forcing enemies straight into your line of fire.
  • Medics can help patch any wounds and prevent them from getting worse, if not outright cure them, saving you a costly trip back to the Practitioner.
  • Scavs are small, fast and constantly bringing loot back to base, have them bring you ammo and other supplies as needed, pay them with the corpses of people you mowed down.
  • Practitioners will help bring you back to fighting shape when a concentrated push/a sniper manages to wound you mortally, as well as perform the same duties as Medics when needed, a second chance if you will.
  • Snipers can help defend against enemy snipers, spot large pushes moving into your firing line and take care of enemy sentries.
  • Sergeants maintain the larger picture, allowing you to focus on shooting and killing enemies, they`ll handle supplies and fire support, to top it off, they can help maintain your sanity when under stress.

You in turn benefit all of them, providing otherwise squishy teammates with what is essentially a mobile pillbox, remember, a lone sentry is a dead sentry, stay together, stay alive!