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Redhelm.png Soldier.png
Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Squad Leader and Captain
Duties: Kill the men of the opposite color than you.
Guides: Getting Started
Quote: "Fell in a trench broke my legs shit game ahelp"
Additional Info: More warfare roles here

Welcome to h*ck.

"I'M READY TO DIE NOW!" by Redsting

Being Private Guy Sitting

How to be an effective grunt in the battlefield

  • At the start, pack extra ammo, a shovel, and make sure to wear a gas mask.
  • Listen to the captain's orders, if the captain goes out of the base to protect him he's the key to strategy. He's also the only one that can call in artillery.
  • Watch out for mines and barbwire, ask an engineer to cut and defuse them. If you step on a mine, they can defuse them.
  • When the round starts, rush to the middle. Whoever controls the middle has an immense advantage.
  • Press [space] to crouch, which will make it significantly more difficult to get hit by enemy fire or artillery, speaking of which...
  • If you hear artillery, you can [rest] to further boost your chances of survival.
  • Lastly, if you see a wounded teammate and you want to save a life, drag the teammate to the Pract. doing this should fix him up.
  • Flanking can be a good idea, just know that you can't rush the enemy base if your team doesn't have control of mid.