Flame Trooper

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Redhelm.png Flamer.png
Flame Trooper
Access: Anywhere you can go.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Squad Leader and Captain
Duties: Kill the men of the opposite color than you.
Guides: Getting Started
Additional Info: More warfare roles here
What doing your job looks like.

The Flame Trooper is one of the few classes in Warfare that is not roundstart, and must be bought from cargo. You start off with a the with flame proof armor, and the Mk1. Scorcher, which will light everything on fire around you friend or foe. Be very careful when using it.

Torching Private Guy Sitting

It should be noted that while powerful, the flame trooper is also extremely vulnerable. Your weapon does not have good range, and people who are on fire are not down for the count, and should never be treated as down for the count. Due to these weaknesses you are not really a role for killing, and more of a role for displacing dug in enemies. After all, while they won't die immediately, and can still shoot back, on fire people do not have long to live, and tend to run away as soon as a flamer gets withing torching reach. Use this to your advantage, and make sure to push other close range roles following right behind you. Do not attempt to fire your gun with allies in front of you, or they will be torched too. Since fire spreads regardless of whether or not you actually clicked on a turf or person, and since you are immune to your own fire, it's probably a good idea to toss a smoke grenade in where you plan on lighting up, since it will make you a harder target, and make it harder for enemies to get away.