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There are quite a few guns in Warfare, with different ones spread out between oldfare, and coldfare. Hopefully this chart should give you a better idea of what something is before you pick it up.

Different classes start with different proficiencies in each type of weapon, making it so that your standard soldier isn't as good with an LMG as the sentry is, etc. Right click on your health indicator to see your skills.

Oldfare Equipment

Equipment Type Description

LMG Harbinger

LMG Exclusive to Sentries, 50 rounds, high damage, used for suppressing targets or killing exposed ones, anyone whos not a sentry will have great difficulty wielding and aiming it.


Flamethrower Exclusive to flame troopers. It's a flamethrower. It throws flame. Can be incredibly deadly in a direct attack, especially if there is no water around for the enemy to jump into. Will catch the user on fire though due to the flame's spread, so it's wise to not use this unless you are wearing flame protective gear.


Bolt-action rifle An aptly titled single-shot sniper rifle, equipped with a scope for spying on the enemy and spotting your targets. Shots can penetrate one object, such as a dirt mound, metal barricade, wall or even soldier, allowing you to score 2 kills with one bullet if you see two people lined up outside of cover. Anyone who isn't a sniper will have difficulty aiming it.

MK. 1 Stormrider

Bolt-action rifle The Stormrider is your standard grunt's rifle, complete with a magic 5+1 capacity and less moving parts than fingers on a soldier's hand. Getting a hit on your enemy's chest is likely to take them out of the fight, if it doesn't immediately kill them. Almost anyone is good with this.

Mk. 1 Snapper

Lever-action rifle Functionally identical to the Stormrider and occasionally spawns in place of it. Perfect for playing games of Cowboys vs. Capitalists.

Mk.1 Warmonger

Semi-automatic rifle A 20 round magazine fed rifle, prone to jamming if not maintained well, it is typically issued to medics. Despite it lacking the damage of the infantry rifles, it manages to lend itself well to trench rushers, acting as a harder hitting but smaller capacity Soulburn.

WTX Frontier Special

Pump-action shotgun A tube fed pump-action trenchgun with a classic 5+1 capacity. Buckshot is extremely annoying and time consuming for medics to deal with due to the many pellets and many will simply not bother, which makes it an effective tool to keep soldiers out of your trenches and out of the way of their medics. Engineers are likely to spawn with this and are more skilled with it.

MS Doom

Break-action shotgun A good ol' fashioned double barreled, for when you want to spill some blood. Other than looking cool and having no skill requirement to use effectively, there isn't much reason to order this from Cargo.

Mk. 1 Soulburn

SMG A SMG that was typically issued to engineers. It's unusable now due to being OP. When it was still in the game though, it may seem to be a weapon exclusively for self defense due to its low damage and high jam rate (when poorly maintained), the Soulburn can be quite effective as an offensive weapon. Its high capacity and high rate of fire, coupled with its high jam rate, make it a risky but effective choice for trench raids. Can only be bought now from cargo, but don't bother.

Captain's Special

Double-action revolver The weapon of 'choice' for the Captain and practitioners. Holds six rounds and does its job as an emergency defense weapon for non-combat roles.

Mk.1 Reckoning

Semi-auto pistol A semi automatic pistol, typically issued to snipers as a backup in case an enemy gets too close. Usually doesn't come with enough ammo to make it an effective offensive weapon, but can save your life in a pinch if you're lucky.

Ordinance & Melee


HE Trench Ender

Mortar Use it in your hand to set it up, then click on it with your shell to load the shell. Look off into the distance, and click on where you want to launch your mortar. It's probably not going to land exactly where you click, so keep that in mind.

Frag Grenade

Grenade It's a grenade. Pull the pin and throw before it blows up in your hand. Alternatively, pull the pin and find an enemy to hug. Scavs, as with most weapons, cannot use these.

Smoke grenade

Grenade A grenade containing smoke instead of dangerous explosives. Good for covering advances and cutting off the sight of entrenched gunners.

Trench Club

Melee Weapon "If there were two guys in mid and one of them killed the other with a trench club would that be fucked up or what?" Found in your base. Only good as a backup weapon when you're right on top of the enemy.


Melee Weapon Found in your boot. Can be used to open cans, rats, barbed wire and the enemy's legs. In a pinch you can remove shrapnel with it.

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